About Us

Carla Mello and Anna Vargas, residents of Spring, TX,  join together to launch a catering business to serve Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, Cypress and surrounding areas.

The Vargas family roots are much related with the art of cooking. Anna’s dad was born in Italy and studied cooking in England and Canada, where he got married with a Colombian. They then moved to Colombia where he started his Italian restaurant business. Anna grew
up around the restaurant business learning to cook, to select best ingredients, and to interpret customer reactions. Carla’s grandmother had a bed and breakfast company in Brazil dedicated to business travelers. At her family, cooking for family reunions was an event with multiple reasons to celebrate; just being together around the kitchen was enough reason to invent, experience, and have fun. Cooking was never an obligation, but a hobby filled with passion and love.

Let me cook today believes that cooking is a never ending art. It is like composing music or painting, your heart has to be part of it during the whole process: selecting the ingredients, choosing how much of each should be used, and in which sequence they should be cooked.
We are also fascinated by the multiple combinations and by the endless possibilities that a single change can bring to a dish.